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The heart and soul is “Ask Agnes”, where our resident Courageous Being answers real questions from real women in the workplace. Agnes gracefully turns any personal/professional concern into a refreshing glass of girl-you-got-this lemonade. And it’s totally work-safe! Yes, you can read it at work. Keepin’ it classy.

If you have a question or could use advice related to humanizing your work situation, improving relationships, or life in general, just Ask Agnes. It’s 100% free and anonymous.

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Mindfulness Body Scan at Your Desk

Mindfulness Body Scan at Your Desk

Reclaiming Focus Amidst Workday Chaos Taking a few moments for a mindful body scan in the middle of your workday is a fantastic way to recenter and optimize focus. By consciously tuning into physical sensations, you can take a gentle pause, recalibrate your mind and...

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