Our proven process offers new awareness of intent, coupled with effective tools & resources to prepare you for the big change on the workplace horizon: the shift from unconscious leadership (depleting and unproductive) to conscious leadership (energizing and thriving).


For organizations

Tailored programming for improved team dynamics and leadership skills

Team Process:

Whether we are doing the short Engager icebreaker, interactive team bonding workshops, or a full training series, we raise your group’s awareness about negative dynamics that impact team spirit and performance.

With levity and choice, we supply tools and resources to use in the moment to snap out of problematic patterns.

We show the team how to get curious, creative and organized, so they can proceed with aligned clarity, without ghosting the problem, to deliver better results.

Diagram showing an overview of the team process

For individuals

Personalized guidance for dealing with any work issue that holds you back

Individual Process:

From customized sessions to multi-week programs, we offer tools and resources to get you back to your calm center.

It can be hard and lonely when you’re caught in the daily grind. As your trusted guide, we’re right with you while you exercise self-knowledge muscles.

Then you can be creative & productive without ghosting the problem.

With practice, self-alignment becomes second nature so you can be ready to shift your work life in a positive direction.

Diagram explaining the process of not ghosting yourself
Conscious Leadership Framework

Humans being humans in business

Business is not a machine with inputs and outputs. It’s a natural ecosystem: alive, dynamic, interconnected. It grows in cycles and thrives on balance and relationships between human beings.

Horizon and Medallion ecosystem concept.

Leadership applies to everyone

Any role requires managing up, down and sideways. It’s not only about managing people.

Conscious leaders motivate others to achieve something new and better.

Conscious leaders are Courageous Beings.

Conscious Leaders know DEI is not a buzzword and a box to check. They create diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments, where everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do for the business, feels:

Safe, Involved, Supported bullet graphic

Corporate change is happening. Positive and inclusive workplace culture is possible.

The Horizon

A key to conscious leadership is the awareness of the Line

The Horizon process diagram

The Medallion

Master your inner ecosystem to stay Above the Line

The Medallion is a blueprint of self-knowledge techniques we’ll practice together so you can expand your personal and business horizons.

The Medallion program graphic

What is this good for?

Absolutely everything.

Impostor syndrome, burnout, dealing with bias, lack of confidence or motivation, fear of public speaking, apathy, boredom, disconnect from purpose, quiet quitting, resenteeism, presenteeism, absenteeism…you name it. We’ve seen it shift.

From empty to empowered, from stress to success.

As a small business owner, I am striving to achieve my business goals, while also creating a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment for all my clients (and their clients), partners, the community and financial services industry. That’s what conscious leadership is really all about and I am glad there is now a dedicated space for this growth.

Bonnie Treichel – Small Business Owner in Financial Services