Rest Retreats


Do you feel like even your vacations are so busy they aren’t even relaxing? Where you come back and need a vacation after your vacation?

Just planning a vacation and getting there can be a whirlwind of busy…then we fill up the itinerary with cool things to do while there. Or perhaps you choose not to take time off, out of dread that you’ll never dig yourself out of the inbox after you return? Busy, busy, busy…go, go, go. Does any actual relaxing happen?

Rest is vital for our mental health and inner healing.

Let’s learn how to do that. For real.

When was the last time you rested? Like, really rested. Learn how to rest & restore for vital health & healing.

Rest & Receive™


Courageous Being Rest and Receive™ Retreats guide you to intentionally enter and consistently remain in states of restoration and cultivation of your personal power through rest, movement, and nourishment.

From one-day Digital Detox in the comfort of your home, long Leisure Weekend you can do by yourself or with friends locally, or joining us for a guided Destination Retreat, we offer options for any budget or occasion.

Learn how to maintain and return to those practices on-demand, continuing long after the retreat.

It’s not all “dolce far niente” sweet doing nothing time. Some adventure takes place, too!

Upcoming Retreats


All-Inclusive Women’s
Destination Retreat
October 9-19, 2023

Rejuvenate your whole self in 10 restful days, immersed in the stunning beauty of Croatia and the Mediterranean.

Register by April 1st – Early Bird Discount Rate: $4,200

After April 1st – Full Price: $4,700

Last Date to Register: September 1st, 2023

With this Rest and Receive™, you are taken care of from arrival to departure in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, and throughout our leisurely journey together in Istria, a triangular peninsula at the head of the Adriatic arm of the Mediterranean Sea.

We’ll explore spectacular locations of ancient history, including Roman temples, Colosseum and basilicas, medieval towns in refreshing natural settings, mystical stone hills, and ancient Goddess sites. We’ll also spend time in vibrant city settings, romancing our taste buds with gourmet organic food bursting with vitality.

We’ll incorporate ritual and skillful workshops to teach you how to amplify, maintain and return to practices of self-rejuvenation on-demand, continuing after the retreat.

Ocean and city
Ocean and rocks
Ruins and sunset
Croatia Bay